Find the Proper Safety Grating for Your Stair Treads

Every year, falls and slips occur on stairs cost millions of dollars in lost man hours and production. To reduce related accidents, safety grating stair treads have been inevitable tendency. No matter what the environment, safety grating stair treads provide maximum foot traction and protect the walkers from falling or sliding. They are either initially designed in the building construction or have been retrofitted to the existing objects.

There are five types of safety grating stair treads for you to choose from.

  1. Traction-Grip Stair Treads
  2. Diamond-Strut Stair Treads
  3. Heavy-Duty Diamond-Strut Stair Treads
  4. O-Grip Stair Treads
  5. Interlocking Grating Stair Treads

The right stair treads not only resist accidents of falls and slips but also save your budget. Each safety grating stair tread has its own character and suits for different applications. Prior to ordering safety grating stair treads, you should evaluate the environmental conditions, slip-resistance requirements, load capability, installation and cost. For example, traction tread stair treads can satisfy general slip-resistance requirements and be utilized in indoor applications. In contrast, Diamond-strut stair treads with serrated surface provide maximum foot traction and also allows drainage of fluids, debris, mud and snow. Hence, it is often used in harsh slippery environments. If you are not sure about which safety grating is suitable for your requirement, just contact us for professional recommendations.

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