Diamond Serrated Plank Grating - Economical & Safest

3-Diamond Carbon steel Diamond-Strut plank grating.

DSP-01: Diamond-Strut safety grating.

Diamond-Strut plank grating has been recognized as the safety working and walking surfaces for industries. Serrated diamond opening grips shoe soles severely in all directions and creates maximum traction between foot and grating surface. The opening makes free drainage of debris, snow, mud, fluids and oils. However, the openings are small enough to catch falling tools and other small objects, which may hurt the people who pass under the grating.

Diamond plank grating has a wide range of widths - from 4 3/4" (2-Diamond) to 24" (10-Diamond) for different applications. For example, standard walkway grating is usually 10-Diamond, and stair treads is available from 2-Diamond to 5-Diamond. Custom widths are welcome.

Product descriptions:

  • Item: Diamond-Strut plank grating.
  • Width: 2-Diamond - 4 3/4", 3-Diamond - 7", 4-Diamond - 9 1/2", 5-Diamond - 11 3/4", 8-Diamond - 18 3/4", 10-Diamond - 24".
  • Channel depth: 1-1/2", 2" and 2-1/2".
  • Length: 10' or 12' or cut to size.
  • Material options:
    • Pre-galvanized plain steel: 12 or 14 ga.
    • HRPO plain steel: 12 or 14 ga.
    • Aluminum alloy 5052-H32: .080" or .100" thickness.
    • Stainless steel Type 304 or Type 316L: 16 ga.

Features & benefits:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio for high load capability.
  • Economical cost and long life span.
  • Little maintenance after installation.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications.
  • Available bolted, clamped or welded into most existing supports.


  • Catwalks.
  • Walkways.
  • Stair treads.
  • Flooring.
A yellow truck installed with diamond-opening plank safety grating step.

DSP-02: Truck safety grating step.

Diamond-Strut plank grating as industrial catwalk

DSP-03: Diamond-Strut catwalk plank grating.

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