Diamond-Strut Ladder Rungs for Safe Work

Ladder rungs safety grating with diamond-serrated opening for maximum traction.

DSLR-01: Diamond-Strut ladder rungs.

Metal ladders are important elements for industries and ladder rungs should be slip-resistant to prohibit falls and slips. Diamond-Strut ladder rungs feature diamond opening with serrated surface and provides superior friction to traction tread ladder rungs. Serrated surface grips shoes tightly and prevent slips, falls and slides even on the ladder rungs have been polluted by grease, snow, fluids or other debris. Diamond openings make fast passage of stones, mud, snow and debris.

Diamond-Strut ladder rungs have two types - standard diamond (vertical to the length) and reverse diamond (parallel to the length). Reverse diamond grip strut ladder rungs are not stocked.

Product description:

  • Item: Diamond strut ladder rungs.
  • Width: standard diamond 2-1/2", reverse diamond 1-5/8".
  • Height: standard diamond 1-1/8", reverse diamond 1-5/8".
  • Lengths: 3', 4', 10', 12' or cut to size; reverse diamond 23-1/8".
  • Safety factor: 1.5 (steel).
  • Material options:
    • Pre-galvanized steel: 14 ga.
    • HRPO plain steel: 14 ga.

Features & benefits:

  • Serrated diamond opening offers maximum foot traction.
  • Available in standard diamond and reverse diamond.
  • Durable and economical cost.
  • Ideal for harsh working environments.
Diamond-Strut ladder rungs have two styles - standard and reverse.

DSLR-02: Two types of Diamond-Opening ladder rungs.

Diamond-Strut ladder rungs dimensions.

DSLR-03: Diamond-Strut ladder rungs details.

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