O-Grip Plank Grating - One-Man Handle Weight for Fast Installation

O-Grip plank safety grating is covered by debossed holes and perforated buttons, and provides excellent slip-resistance in every direction. Large opening area permits fast passage of fluids, mud, snow and debris, but catches falling tools and other dangerous objects. In contrast with other safety gratings, O-Grip grating is superior to traction grip in slip-resistance but has similar performance to Diamond-Strut gating. However, O-Grip plank grating is more friendly to human and will not cause the second injury when the walkers fall.

O-Grip plank safety grating is fabricated with a variety of regular dimensions and custom sizes for special orders. Available in mill galvanized plain steel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Accessories including are sold separately.

O-grip plank grating with multiple widths for special requirements.

OGP-01: O-Grip Plank Grating.

O-Grip plank grating as industrial elevated walkway.

OGP-02: O-Grip Plank Walkway.

Product description:

  • Item: O-Grip plank grating.
  • Width: 5" (2-Hole), 7" (3-Hole), 10" (5-Hole), 12" (6-Hole), 18" (10-Hole), 24" (13-Hole), 30" (16-Hole).
  • Length: 10' and 12'.
  • Material options:
    • Mill galvanized carbon steel: 11 ga. and 13 ga.
    • Aluminum alloy: 0.125".
    • Stainless steel type 316: 16 ga.
    • Available in HRPO plain steel and stainless steel Type 304.

Features & benefits:

  • Debossed holes and perforated buttons for slip protection in all conditions.
  • Large opening area permits free flow of liquids, mud, snow and other debris.
  • Light-weight structure for easy and quick installation.
  • Economical cost and free maintenance.

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