O-Grip Walkway Grating Offers Perfect No-Slip

O-Grip walkway is a one-piece metal plank grating in the shaped of channel with integral side toe boards. The web of the channel is designed for walking and the extended flanges support the loads. The walking surface consists of large debossed holes, surrounded by perforated raised buttons and provides excellent slip-resistance. It is ideal for elevated walkways or conveyor catwalks of commercial and industrial areas.

O-Grip walkway safety grating comes with 16 hole 30" width and 13 hole 24" width, and 5" channel depth. Splice plates and other safety grating accessories are provided separately.

O-grip walkway safety grating with 5 inches depth channel.

OWG-01: O-Grip walkway grating.

Product description:

  • Item: O-Grip walkway safety grating.
  • Width: 24" (13-Hole), 30" (16-Hole).
  • Length: 10' and 12'.
  • Depth: 5".
  • Material options:
    • Mill-galvanized steel: 11 ga and 13 ga.
    • Hot rolled pickled and oiled carbon steel: 11 ga and 13 ga.
    • Carrier plate: see Table below.

Features & benefits:

  • Meet OSHA requirements for toeboards on elevated structure.
  • Available in custom dimensions for special orders.
  • Providing slip-resistance in all directions.
  • Not as aggressive as diamond strut grating but friendly to human.
  • Light weight for fast and quick installation.
Irregular walkway grating near the equipment protects the walkers from accidents.

OWG-02: Irregular O-Grip Walkway Grating.

Outdoor O-grip walkway grating not only provides no-slip but also quick drainage of rains.

OWG-03: O-Grip walkway grating.

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