Diamond-Strut Walkway Grating for Harsh Conditions

Heavy duty Diamond-Strut walkway gratings are very similar to standard Diamond-Strut walkway gratings and possess all benefits and features of the standard one except that the heavy one has larger diamond opening and be manufactured by thicker metal. Given the differences, the heavy one is more suitable for greater load conditions and harsh slippery environments.

Heavy-duty Diamond-Strut walkway with multiple widths for different uses.

HDW-01: Diamond-Strut walkway grating.

A worker is walking along Diamond-Strut walkway grating.

HDW-02: Industrial No-slip walkway.

Heavy-Duty diamond opening walkway gratings maximum prevent slips.

HDW-03: Coal mine conveyor belt walkway.

Product description:

  • Item: Heavy duty Diamond-Strut walkway.
  • Width: 23-1/4" (5-Diamond), 27-3/4" (6-Diamond), 36" (8-Diamond).
  • Depth: 5".
  • Length: 10', 12', 20' & up to 24'.
  • Material: plain steel.
  • Thickness: 9 & 11 ga.
  • Finish: mill-galvanized.

Features & benefits:

  • Ideal for elevated walkways or conveyor catwalks.
  • Slip-resistant in all directions and in all slippery conditions.
  • Bearing greater loads.
  • Accessories are provided separately.

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