Diamond-Strut Safety Grating Accessories for Bolted Installation

Versatile Diamond-Strut safety grating planks have a wide range of applications - stair treads, ladder rungs, walkways, catwalks to name a few. It provides maximum friction and perfect slip-resistance for any slippery environments. Therefore, it is getting popular in industrial areas.

A full range of accessories are provided. Diamond anchors, anchor plate and splice plates make the installation simple and quick. However, these accessories should be ordered separately.

Diamond Anchors

Diamond-shaped anchors are perfectly suitable for diamond opening safety grating. It consists of diamond washer, carriage bolt, hex nut and flat washer. It is used to align grip strut planks on I-beam or other cross-member. The plank carriage bolt length equals side channel height plus 1 inch. And field drilling is required.

Table-1: Diamond Anchors kit
Items Number
Diamond washer: 2-1/4" × 3/4" 1
Carriage bolt: 5/16" - 18 1
Flat Washer: 5/16" 1
5/16" - 18 Hex Nut 1
Material: Mill galvanized plain steel or stainless steel Type 304.
Diamond washer for Diamond-Strut safety grating installation on I-beam

DSA-01: Diamond washer.

Safety plank grating diamond washer dimensions and structure.

DSA-02: Diamond washer details.

Anchor plate

Anchor plates are used to fasten planks side-by-side on I-bream or other cross members. Place J-bolts in the diamond openings opposite each other and the openings are just next to the plank edge. No field drilling is required and the installation is very quick and simple.

J-bolt and anchor plate fasten Diamond opening safety grating to I-beam.

DSA-03: J-bolt anchor plate.

Table-2: Anchor plate kit
Items Number
Anchor Plate: 3-1/2" × 3-1/2" 1
J-bolts: 3/8" - 16 2
Flat washer: 3/8" 2
Hex Nut: 3/8" - 16 2
Material: mill galvanized plain steel or stainless steel Type 304.

Walkway Splice Plate

Walkway splice plates attached to side channels connect plank gratings to reach multiple lengths. Available in 7" and 30" lengths for different requirements.

Table-3: 30" Long Walkway Splice Plate kit
Items Number
Splice plates: 4-1/2" × 30" 2
Hex bolts: 1/2" - 13 × 1-1/4" 32
Hex nuts: 1/2" - 13 32
Washers: 1/2" 32
Plate thickness: 12 ga.
Finish: Mill-galvanized.
Table-4: 7" Long Walkway Splice Plate kit
Items Number
Splice plates: 4" × 7" 2
Hex bolts: 7/16" - 14 × 1-1/4" 16
Hex Nuts: 7/16" - 14 16
Washer: 7/16" 16
Plate thickness: 10 ga.
Finish: Mill-galvanized.
Diamond-Strut splice plate details and drawing.

DSA-04: 30 inches long splice plate drawing.

Splice plates and related accessories for walkway grating installation.

DSA-05: 30 inches long walkway splice plate.

7 inches long splice plate for Diamond-Strut safety grating walkways.

DSA-06: 7 inches splice plate.

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