Accessories for Heavy Duty Grating Planks & Walkway

Heavy duty diamond plank grating hold-down butterfly clip.

DSA-01: Butterfly Clips.

Accessories are specially designed for heavy duty Diamond-Strut safety grating planks and walkways. They are helpful to strengthen heavy diamond strut grating and makes the installation simple and fast. Butterfly clip or hold-down clip is used to mount the grating to the I-beam or other cross members. Splice plate is designed for extending diamond strut walkway and handrail brackets for support handrail post. These accessories are sold separately.

Heavy duty diamond strut butterfly clip

  • Carriage bolt options:
    • Plank carriage bolt: 3/8" × (side channel height + 1")
    • Walkway carriage bolt: 3/8" × 2".
  • Flat washer: 3/8".
  • Hex nut: 3/8".
Table-1: 30" Heavy Duty Walkway Splice Plate Kit
Items Number
Splice plates: 4-1/2" × 30" 2
Hex bolts: 1/2"-13 × 1-1/4" 32
Hex nuts: 1/2"-13 32
Washers: 1/2" 32
Plate material: mill-galvanized steel 9 gauge.

Handrail brackets

Handrail brackets are important accessories for heavy duty diamond strut walkway installation. On one hand, it contributes to walkway superior long spanability. On the other hand, the brackets eliminate substructure to support handrail post.

Safety grating universal handrail bracket only for pipe post.

DSA-02: Pipe post handrail bracket.

Clip angle handrail bracket suitable for all handrail posts: pipe, angle and square.

DSA-03: Clip angle handrail bracket.

Clip angle handrail bracket

It is suitable for all kinds of handrail post including pipe, angle, square tube, etc. The handrail post can be fastened or welded to handrail bracket conveniently.

Universal handrail bracket

It is only used for pipe handrail post. Just tighten two allen head set screws to the post.

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