Safety Grating Advantages Over Bar Grating, Why?

As everyone knows that industrial workplaces are very dangerous especially when the employees slips or falls over the stairs, walkways or other places. It is reported that about 15% of all accidental workplace deaths are caused by slips and falls. Therefore, slip-resistance over walkways, platforms, catwalks, stair treads, ladder rungs has been given priority.

Typically speaking, there are two common walkway safety products: serrated bar grating and safety grating. Bar grating is comprised of bearing bars and cross bars. The bearing bar is the main load carrying bar while cross bars are connectors extending across or through the bearing bars. Cross bars are welded, forged or locked into the bearing bar.

Safety grating has a larger family. According to the appearance and structure, there are 5 types: Traction-Grip, Diamond-strut, O-Grip, Interlocking and Heavy-Duty Diamond-Strut. Although they are different from each other, there are still common points: lightweight structure, fast and simple to install, customizable for special dimensions and economical cost.

Safety Grating Advantages VS Bar Grating Advantages
Advantages Safety grating Bar grating
Light weight  
Customizable patterns  
Slip-resistance surface
Easy to package  
Welded steel composition  
Corrosion resistance  
Economical cost  
Fast installation  

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