Safety Gratings No-slip Surface with Less Money

Every year thousands of accidents like tripping over debris and slipping on wet or greasy surfaces causes losses of millions of dollars and human injuries especially kills in industrial places or commercial areas where heavy pedestrian traffic is a concern. Safety grating perfectly solves the slip problems in an economical and simple way.

Five types of safety gratings provide non-slip walking surfaces, light-weight and easy installation.

Diamond-Strut & Heavy-Duty Diamond-Strut Grating
If you are planning a safety grating for critical environments, Diamond-Strut is the optimum option. Diamond opening with serrated surface grips the soles of shoes tightly from all directions. At the same time, diamond opening allows for quick drainage of fluids, debris and other small objects.

Interlocking Safety Grating
Interlocking safety grating consists of long slots with or without perforated dimples and provides safe and sturdy walking surface for a wide range of applications: platforms, mezzanine flooring, rack decking to name a few. The obvious advantage is that it can be used for extra-wide uses and drainage of water.

O-Grip Safety Grating
O-Grip safety grating is covered by large debossed holes and small perforated buttons and provides a non-slip surface while debris and fluids can pass through the holes freely. Versatile O-Grip plank grating comes with numerous channel depths and widths for all applications. Irregular shapes are also available for custom dimensions.

Traction-Grip Grating
Traction-Grip safety grating covering by thousands of perforated buttons provides moderate slip-resistance as flooring, stair treads, ladder rungs and walkways. Perforated buttons come with 6 types to suit different uses.

Where Safety Gratings Will Be Used?


Stair treads for chemical plants, steel factories, public areas and other places where stairs are slippery.


Ladder rungs for industrial shops or storage houses.


Walkways - industrial elevated walkways and catwalks along conveyor belting, spiral walkways around equipment.


Flooring - industrial or commercial flooring where pedestrian traffic is heavy.


Why select safety gratings instead of other non-slip products like bar gratings?

  • Outstanding Non-Slip Walking Surfaces.
    Raised perforated buttons, diamond-opening with serrated teeth, interlocking grating with long slots, O-Grip and heavy duty diamond-opening provide moderate to the maximum foot traction for different conditions.
  • Diverse Simple Installations.
    Bolted or welded ways are popular for safety grating installation. Accessories are provided separately for bolting.
  • Light-Weight and High Strength.
    Plank grating is much lighter than bar gratings, but bear the similar weight.
  • Meets with OSHA requirements and related ASTM or BS standards.

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Diamond-Strut safety grating with serrated surface for maximum traction.

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Heavy duty Diamond-Strut plank grating fabricated with larger diamond-opening and thicker metal.

Heavy duty Diamond-Strut grating possesses all the benefits of standard diamond strut grating, with larger diamond opening and thicker metal.

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O-grip safety grating with debossed holes and perforated buttons for slip-resistance.

O-Grip safety grating with large debossed holes and perforated buttons around the holes offer slip-resistance and let quick passage of fluids and debris.

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Traction-Grip safety grating with perforated buttons for moderate slip-resistance.

Traction-Grip safety grating provides moderate slip-resistance to ramps, stair treads, ladder rungs, flooring and planks of industrial and commercial areas.

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Safety grating stair treads are extensively used in industrial applications to prevent slips and falls. They are light-weight and easy to install.

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Compared with serrated bar gratings, safety gratings provides more choice in surface options and easy to handle for a man and cost less.

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